Since 1990 we have been servicing the complete line of Cahn Instruments Microbalance, Analytical toploaders, Analog and Digital Recording Balance, TGA and DCA. Our engineer is factory trained and has over 15 years experience.

Our Customers

From one man contract business, universities, government agencies and large corporations, these instruments are used in research, quality control and general lab weighing.

General Motors

University of Wisconsin


Penn State University

Scott Products

Ohio State University

Surface Measurement Science

University of Iowa 

Monsanto ...more

University of Southern California ...more

Instruments We Service

  •  C20 - C27 series Microbalance ( analog control )

  •  C28 - C29 series Microbalance ( digital control )

  •  C30 - C35 series Generations 2 and 3 Microbalance

  •  TA-450, 4100 and 4200 Analytical Toploading scale

  •  TGA 121, 131, 141, 151 and 171 - Thermo Gravimetric Analyzer

  •  DCA 312 and DCA 322 - Dynamic Angle Analyzer

  •  C1000, C2000 - Analog Recording Balance

  •  D100, D200 series Digital Recording Balance

International Customer - Prepayment is required before the balance is sent back to the customer.


Contact Information

(562) 303-2313 Customer Service.

(562) 292-0342 Fax.

Contact us by e-mail: microtech@microbalance.com